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Young Performers Repertoire

New music scores for the musicians of the future

As part of the Interfaces Network project, three leading organisations in Europe —the European University Cyprus (Cyprus), Klangforum Wien (Austria) and Onassis Stegi (Greece)— commissioned composers to create short works that can be played by children aged 6-10.

Our goal is that these works will inspire young musicians to explore the sonorities and techniques of contemporary music, whilst remaining well within their physical capabilities.

Explore the repertoires below, download them for free and have fun!

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The scores are licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.
This license refers exclusively to the SCORE of this music, not to the MUSIC itself, which is subject to identical conditions of a purchased score. Concretely, the declaration of the concerts where this piece is performed to the Performing Rights Oganisation of your country, and the eventual collection of royalties is completely independent of the Creative Commons license about the SCORE.